Add Music To Site Free code to add music to your site

Free code to add music to your site. Free code to add music to your website.Play mp3,midi,wav and more directly on site!

Free code to add music to site!
Playing or adding music to a website is very simple! All you need to do is upload your music file like .MP3 music file, .WAV file etc. to your hosting account and add a little piece of code to the webpage where you want the music to play! The code to add music to site is free!

Note: Some people might not like the music pplaying, and for them, you must provide a stop button. The code below provides all the functionality like you would have seen in a simple player. This music code provides the following buttons:
  • Play,
  • Pause, when a music file is playing
  • Stop,
  • Forward,
  • Reverse,
  • Volume control, if your file supports it.
Additionally, a forward, reverse bar is also shown to display how much music has been played and dragging the button on it will activate the forward and reverse functions!

Choose the ones you like and paste on your website. Don't forget to upload the music file to the same location as you will specify below.

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