Email Page Script If you are looking for an email this page script then here it is for you

If you are looking for an email this page script then here it is for you.You can use this email to friend script on your entire website or article pages.

Email this page script! Copy paste code.

You can use this email to friend script on your website or article pages. The benefit is that if there is an instant motivation provided to the reader then there are very high chances that they will send your page to a friend of theirs . This results in more visitors coming to your website . Let us say 100 people read your article and 20 of them emailed the page to their 2 friends , then you have 20 more people reading your article and coming to your website !
Free email page to friend script.
The email to friend script is more of a Copy paste script. Send it to a friend or yourself. Once you are satisfied, copy the html code below by clicking the "Copy to Clipboard" button, paste it in your website's page and that's it. Our server will take care of the rest.

It is provided as is and we hold no responsibility for your actions . Strict legal actions will be taken against you if this is used to send spam emails . Use it for a good cause and do not irritate anyone.

Copy paste the email to friend script on any page of your website and then click the link that says "Email this page". Then try sending it to yourself. Once satisfied, paste on all pages!

Here's the script:

Test: Email this page

It will email the URL of the page that holds the script . The script does not display any forms on all pages, instead a simple link will be seen by your visitors. When they will click it, the form will open in a new window where your visitors can fill the email where they want to send your page and that's it!

Click the "Copy to clipboard" button to copy the script .

If using notepad , paste in a notepad file and save it somewhere in your computer . To add to a page . Open this file you saved earlier , Copy the entire script and paste it where you want it .

Now save this page and upload it to website .

FAQ : Email page to friend .

Will my visitors see some ads ?
No .

Will the reciever see ads ?
No .

Is it completely Free ?
Yes , absolutely free .

Is there a sample available?
Yes, Send this page to yourself using Email This page