Favicon Tutorial Favicon tutorial

Favicon tutorial.Easily add favicon to your page.Cut paste script in favicon tutorial.

Favicon Tutorial ...
Favicon is Favourite Icon .

Favicon is the small logo that is displayed in the address bar of your browser next to the URl .

Favicon is also displayed in the favourites / bookmark title . When someone bookmarks your website , the icon is used as an image next to the described title .
&nbsp Adding Favicon ... &nbsp
Addingg a favicon is very simple . It has two parts .
  1. Make a favicon ,
  2. Add a small line in the webpage to display favicon .
That's it .

You can use any free Icon maker to make a favicon. Just do a web search and see how many are available Free!
You can use any image you like . The image should have an extension of "ICO" instead of BMP , JPG , GIF ". So the name of the image should be "favicon.ico" . Once you have the image , upload it to your server and now paste the following line in the webpage between &lthead&gt and &lt/head&gt tags .

&ltlink rel="shortcut icon" href="images/favicon.ico" /&gt

Please change the path in HREF to the path of your image . The whole code should be in a single line .

That's it . You now have a distinct icon of your own when someone bookmarks your website .