Free Web2 0 Templet Free templets for website

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New templates, Free Web2.0 Template designs!
Following new templates have been created for you. These templates have been designed keeping the web 2.0 looks in mind. Web2.0 means, bright colors, like
  • Lime, (See below for Free lime template),
  • Orange color, (Free orange web2.0 template below),
  • And similar ones.

Additionally, Web2.0 has clean neat round borders, which is already done for you in these free web2.0 templates using stylesheet!

If this is your first visit to my website, then please see More free templates here

Did I mention that these are table less designs? It means faster loading, cleaner HTML code for the templet.

Download templets:

Download Free Web2.0 Lime templet

This is a cool free lime web2.0 templet with shades of green, and a distinct shade of blue, with obvious rounded corners.

Download Free Web2.0 Orange templet

This free web2.0 templet has a nice orange background with another shade of orange for text areas, along with bright red backgrounds for headings etc. Corners of templet are rounded.

Download Free Web2.0 Yellow templet

Ok, I never knew that yellow could look so amazing. This free web2.0 templet has a yellow background with a golden shade for text areas. Corners are rounded, but you knew that already...

Download Free Web2.0 Pink templet

Perfect if you are annoyed with your site visitors. Good luck reading anything on the site that uses this free web2.0 templet. I am pretty sure this will win a prize someday in a web2.0 templet contest. Do I need to say rounded corners?