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Meta tag writing.Meta tag writing is easy.You can write your own meta tags.Read this help on meta tag writing.A free meta tag generator is also here.

Meta tag writing help...

Meta tag writing..

Meta tag writing is easy and you can write your own meta tags in one minute, or use the free meta tag generator

Meta tags are HTML tags that are placed between the head tags of your webpage . These tags are intented to inform search engines about the type of content and in some cases , even supply description that will be visible in the search results . It is therefore important to have a "description" that is actually descriptive and makes the searcher click your link amongst many other similar search results .

Think of it as an advertisement on search results . The better it will be , the more chances you have of getting your link clicked . So let's start .

The format of a meta tag is :

&ltmeta http-equiv=" " content=" " /&gt

The only thing remaining now is to fill in the empty spaces between the " " ( quotes) . There are basically four types of meta tags .
  • Description,
  • Keyword,
  • Robots,
  • language ,
So let us now fill in the blank spaces in the format above .

Description meta tag

&ltmeta http-equiv=" " content=" " /&gt

After filling with "description ..

&ltmeta http-equiv="description" content="type good explanation of the page here." /&gt

Most of you by now would have copied the tag , in that case , make sure it is in one single line . The seperate lines here are because of the screen space . There is a free meta tag generator here you can generate meta tags using it .

If I would have to write a meta description tag for this page , it would look like :

&ltmeta http-equiv="description" content="Meta tag writing help. All types of meta tags explained with a free meta tag generator ." /&gt

See that's descriptive and looks good to read as well . That's what you have to do .

Keyword meta tag

&ltmeta http-equiv=" " content=" " /&gt

After filling with "Keyword .."

&ltmeta http-equiv="keyword" content="possible keywords" /&gt

Keywords are the terms that a person would use to search a website in a search like google , msn etc. If you have to find help on writing meta tags , you would type one of the following :
  • meta tag help,
  • meta tag generator,
  • meta tags,
  • html tag meta,
  • meta tag tutorial...
Those are a few examples to search a webpage explaining meta tags . You should come up with a few terms like them to explain your page . Those terms would go in the keyword tag . The tag is not used by search engines but still to give you peace of mind , you can add it to webpages . The tag now will look like :

&ltmeta http-equiv="keyword" content="meta tag help,meta tag generator,meta tags,html tag meta,meta tag tutorial" /&gt

Meta robots

This tag is used to communicate with search engines . It is used to tell a search engine if you want a page to be indexed or not , links followed or not etc. It looks like :

&ltmeta http-equiv="robots" content="value" /&gt

The value is the message . The following messages are accepted .
  • All -- index , follow links
  • noindex - follow links but do not index this page .
  • nofollow - index this page but do not follow the links .
  • nofollow,noindex -- Leave this page alone .
So the meta tag would look like :

&ltmeta http-equiv="robots" content="all" /&gt

That one will allow the search engines to index the page and follow links as well .

Language meta tag

This one tells the language of the page . English , british english , german, french etc.

&ltmeta http-equiv="language" content="en" /&gt

specifies american english .

A list of a few other languages is in the meta tag generator where you can generate meta tags and is free .

See , I told you it is easy !